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‘NGOs exploit us’ says PTI’s transgender activist Rimal Ali

Transgender model and activist Rimal Ali said she joined the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to serve the people of the community.

Rimal Ali has been given the membership of Insaf Welfare Wing by the PTI. She is also a member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) and has been appointed advisor on gender discrimination in both institutions. Rimal hails from Waris Khan area of ​​Rawalpindi and has completed her graduation along with having a successful modeling career.

In an interview with MM News, Rimal Ali said that she joined the PTI to serve the transgender community. She said her first priority is to solve the problem of transgenders who are discriminated against, brutally tortured and then their objectionable videos are filmed and uploaded online.

“Transgenders are being tortured and killed. Some NGOs cash in and send these videos abroad and get funds from there. They exploit us and don’t spend on our community. These funds are not monitored nor are we told where they are spent,” she said.

Rimal Ali said funds have also been provided by the government for the last two years but have not been spent on the transgender community. “I thought to stand up for myself and work for the rights of my community and their issues. Laws have been made for our rights but have not yet been implemented,” she added.

She added that transgenders have gained education and skills but are not being given jobs nor attention is being paid for their welfare. Rimal said she wants to participate in the upcoming elections and represent the transgender community in the assembly and enact legislation for their rights.

She thanked the PTI for being the first government to give transgender a platform as they were ignored by the previous government and no attention was paid to them. She said the PTI has paid attention to their problems and is making efforts to resolve them.

Rimal Ali said Prime Minister Imran Khan has a vision and she joined the party to solve the problems facing the transgender community. She urged other transgenders to support her fight for their rights.

“Strengthen me so that I can solve your problems and work for your rights. I can do nothing alone unless people in my community are with me,” she pleaded. Rimal said she has started membership for the Insaf Welfare Wing and will serve the people without discrimination.