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Tuesday 28th March 2023 / 6 Ramadhan 1444

Nation observes 48 years since fall of Dhaka

48 years to Fall of Dhaka: Nation observes East Pakistan separation

48 years to Fall of Dhaka: Nation observes East Pakistan separation

LAHORE: The Fall of Dhaka is being observed across the nation today as it marks the 48 years of separation of East Pakistan, now declared as Bangladesh from the country.
It was due to the joint conspiracy and planning of Bengali leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and India, that Pakistan was divided into two states as a result of a war.
After the 1965 war between India and Pakistan, Indians started playing upon Bengali sentiments resulting in protests and insurgency in the country.
India set up hundreds of training camps in West Bengal where they trained and armed Bengali youths from East Pakistan to form the Mukti Bahini (Liberation Army).
In November 1971, the situation in the border areas had become alarming as more and more Mukti Bahini fighters kept pouring in from Indian Bengal. The border clashes were rapidly turning into attacks on Pakistani troops. Eventually, on 3rd December 1971, war with India was declared.
Citizens and intellectuals from Dhaka was the largest victim of this mass genocide. The fall of the city to the Indian Army on 16th December 1971 marked the creation of the independent state of Bangladesh. Dhaka became the capital of Bangladesh.

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