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Mother of deaf daughters calls for justice

RAWALPINDI: The mother a deaf daughter has called the officials to provide justice for her deaf daughter as her drug addict husband is oppressing her daughter.
According to the woman Nabila, who sells rice under the bridge on Rawalpindi 6th Road, had two previous marriages, from which she has two children, including a son and a daughter.  
However, Nabila’s had contracted third marriage to a Naib Qassid in a government department in Rawalpindi, who is 35 to 40 years older than Nabila. According to sources, Naib Qassid Shaukat Ali and Nabila have a quarrel over the deaf daughter.
Nabila said her husband Shaukat Ali is a drug addict and beats her daughter severely. Nabila, the mother of a deaf girl, said “The money I take home after work, my husband takes it for buying drugs”.
The woman appealed to the Punjab government and IGP Punjab to provide justice for her deaf daughter.
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