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Mohsin Abbas pays tribute to transgenders in song ‘Terian Lordan’


Actor and singer Mohsin Abbas Haider has released the latest song titled ‘Terian Lordan’ in which he paid a humble tribute to all the transgenders out there.

The song features Mohsin Abbas Haider as Reema and real/by-birth transgenders. In the song, Haider has played a tremendous tribute to the transgenders.

Right after the song was released officially, the netizens applauded Abbas for creating such a masterpiece. Social media users have declared Mohsin’s latest track a heart-touching and unique content.

Mohsin Abbas' Brand New Avatar For "Terian Lordan" Gets Appreciation

Mohsin Abbas' Brand New Avatar For "Terian Lordan" Gets Appreciation

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Abbas Haider is a Pakistani actor, singer, writer, and television presenter. Haider is best known for his acting roles in the successful films Na Maloom Afraad (2014), and Baaji (2019), and in the television productions Mazaaq Raat (2013–2019) and Meri Guriya (2018).

As a writer, he has co-written the script of the blockbuster film Load Wedding (2018), has written and sung several of the songs of his film and has also contributed his vocals for the song “Uddi Jaa” for the musical show Coke Studio (2016).

Haider married Fatema Sohail in 2015 shortly after meeting her. In December 2017, the couple lost their newborn daughter, Mahveen Abbas Haider, after 7 weeks after her birth. In May 2019, the couple had a son, Haider Abbas Mohsin. He was accused of domestic violence against his spouse, and their divorce was finalized in 2019.

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