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Meet the Pakistan artist drawing on pencils !

Karachi: In Pakistan, there have been many eminent personalities in every field, among whom there are some people who have proved their work all over the world. Today we have chosen a personality to talk about, whose excellent work on pencil by blade amazed us.

MM News team met with Mahwash Sultana, whose excellent drawing on pencil made us admire her. We tried to find out from her how she learned the craft and what things she has mapped so far.

Mahwash told MM News: ”I am primarily a tattoo artist but also a pencil artist. Whenever I see any shape enter my mind, I say that this thing should come out of my mind, so to get it out of my mind, I take the pencil and start making that thing.”

“I need a picture of the object from all around to make it because I have to make 3D, I slowly cut by looking at it, and sometimes it doesn’t work. I made a challenging chain, which took me almost 2 years to make,” she added.

“I copy anything and ask others to tell me if it looks like it. If the person in front says it’s right then I’m sure I’ve made the right thing, I’ve been making art on pencil for 3 to 4 years.”

She said that she has made sketches of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and Fatima Jinnah. In addition to this, she has also made a dancing doll.  “My hands have been cut many times by the blade, due to which now I cover my hands.”

She said that apart from this she has made various things on pencil.  “I am very satisfied with my work, I have done a lot of experiments to learn my work.”

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