Meet Pakistan’s Isaac Newton, Shaheer Niazi

18-year-old Muhammad Shaheer Niazi belongs to Pakistan. He has stunned the world by breaking one of the records of Isaac Newton, an English mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and theologian.
Despite being a teenager, he managed to achieve remarkable milestones in the field of Physics.
Here are the six facts about Muhammad Shaheer Niazi everyone should know:
1.) Born and raised in Lahore, Shaheer Niazi found a way to photograph the movement of ions at the age of 16.
2.) Niazi is the youngest in the world to have a published research paper.
3.) The study by Niazi has been published in the prestigious Royal Open Science Journal.
4.) Newton was 17 when his first research paper was published in the same journal so is Shaheer.
5.) Forbes names him in the list of ‘Young talent under the age of 30’ across the world.
6.) He has been rejected from Harvard, Yale, and other prestigious universities. 
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