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Man behind ‘Shumaila Bhatti’ exposes a group who sexually assaults transgenders

He rose to fame with her on-point observation of relationships that she rants about through her video series (Express Tribune)

Formerly known as ‘Desi Bombshell Shumaila Bhatti’ and comedian Moiz has recently exposed an organized violence against him by a group called ‘Beelas’.

The comedian took to Instagram and shared a horrible incident faced by him. While sharing a First Information Report (FIR), Moiz narrated the disturbance incident in a video message that on the night of September 19, he along with his friends went to a birthday celebration of a friend, where a group of ‘Beelas’ was already present.


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A post shared by Moiz (@unrelentlesslyyours)

Moiz claimed that the alleged group wanted to rape a transgender the who was present at the party. Moiz in his post mentioned ‘Beelas’ as ‘an organised syndicate in Pakistan’ with dedicated WhatsApp groups, formal group networks, and open proud declaration that they are a group of men who terrorize and enact violence on transgenders, and gang rape boys.

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