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Are Pakistani dramas provoking domestic violence?

Unfortunately, stories about the physical and emotional abuse of women lead to high viewership ratings and massive profits (Daily InfoTainment)

Well, the phrase ‘better late than never’ has rightly reflected Sharmila Faruqi’s recent remarks in which she has criticized the currently running drama ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat’ for showing violence and physical abuse against women.

Miss Faruqi’s statement has raised many questions regarding Pakistani dramas becoming a visual medium in promoting domestic violence. Despite strong script, storyline, flawless acting, and talented direction, the theme and content of Pakistani dramas nowadays are doing more harm than good to our society. The main concern remains the same if Pakistani dramas are really provoking domestic violence?

Sharmila Faruqi’s remarks

Disappointed politician shared her opinion on her official Instagram account along with a screenshot of drama ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3’, the scene in which a husband is slapping his wife.

According to Faruqi, why can’t Pakistani dramas show a husband having a normal conversation with his wife. “Why do our women have to be resorted violence and physical abuse at the drop of a hat,” she shared her opinion.

Faruqi also lamented, “What you show in these dramas is what most of our people will emulate.” She highlighted how the latest episode of Khuda Aur Mohabbat is toxic and promoting a male chauvinistic society.

For her, Nazim Shah (character’s name) slaps his wife Sahiba while questioning her about her visit to the Mazar (tomb) with his sister Mahi, which is purely toxic.

Sharmila simply argued that people who see such violence against women in dramas would also copy the act. Well, she is not wrong, technically dramas are inspired by everyday life and people often catch ideas from dramas, in short, it’s a loophole. 

Our dramas and domestic issues

If we look at global TV series, it has a variety of subjects. From domestic violence and politics to science fiction and suspense thriller, you will find it all. But if we analyze Pakistani dramas, most of them are showcase domestic violence, women as victims, second marriage, and extramarital affairs. 

Impact of dramas

One of the episodes of the drama serial ‘Qayamat’ where a female character got beaten up by her husband became one of the highest-rated episodes.

Unfortunately, stories about the physical and emotional abuse of women lead to high viewership ratings and massive profits. But this TRP game might be indirectly harming so many minds that one is unaware of.

The positive side of society

Well, it is indeed true that we live in a patriarchal society, but there are women around us who are leading an independent yet content life.

Whether a married or single parents, they have a career to focus on and take care of the family at the same time. Contrary to Pakistani dramas, there is much more in women’s lives rather than getting into a relationship or cry over their fate for life.

Remember when Falak was hit by her husband in the drama serial ‘Lapaata’ and out of blue she decided to slap her husband back. Yes, the latest drama did show a very different way of tackling domestic violence and putting an end to it.

Provoking domestic abuse?

Domestic violence is a highly sensitive area and must be advocated in subtle and meaningful ways. If mishandled, like it is being nowadays in our dramas – then it could create a negative impact on us.