Land grabber flees from police custody in Karachi

police van
KARACHI: A suspected land gabber on Saturday fled from a police mobile van despite the presence of four armed cops in the vehicle in Karachi’s Surjani town area.
According to sources, police took action against land grabbers at Karachi’s Saifal Mari Goth in Surjani Town and land grabbers opened firing of the police team.
During the shootout, the police managed to nab on accused Abdul Ghafoor alias Zafar, while his seven armed accomplices fled the scene under cover of fringe.
Meanwhile, Sarjani police team was shifting the accused to the police station, he outsmarted four-armed police present in the police mobile, by jumping from the police van and fleeing safely.
Police told the suspect was a hardened criminal and wanted to police in more than five cases.
Citing the incident a police official said the police team first tried to search for the runaway criminal without giving information to the concerned police station, however when the failed to get the accused the matter com under the notice of authorities.
He added only the inquiry report could tell if it was a display of remarkable ineptitude of police team or they did it on purpose, added that an investigative team soon be formed.
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