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Kurdish forces reject Syrian govt’s appeal to join its army

Kurdish forces reject Syrian govt's appeal to join its army
DAMASCUS: Kurdish forces have rejected an appeal from the Syrian government to join their ranks following a Turkish cross-border invasion.
Earlier on Wednesday Damascus’ army and police called on Kurdish fighters and security forces in northeast Syria to join their ranks following a Turkish cross-border invasion that was launched on 9th October.

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A separate ceasefire agreement was signed between Ankara and Damascus-backer Moscow last week provided for members of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces to withdraw from the border and joined the neighborhood of pro-government forces there.
A defence ministry statement carried by state news agency SANA stated, “The general command of the armed forces is ready to welcome members of SDF units who are willing to join its ranks.”

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SANA reported that Syria’s interior ministry said that it was willing to provide police services to residents of the northeast, calling on members of the Kurdish internal security services known as Asayish to join its ranks.
It stated, “A unity of ranks must proceed from a political settlement that recognises and preserves the SDF’s special status and structure.”

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The Turkish military and its Syrian agents attacked Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria earlier in October with the purpose of creating a roughly 20-mile deep barrier zone along the frontier.

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