KU okays continuation of two-year conventional degree programmes

Academic Council meeting was held at the Arts Auditorium

KARACHI: The Academic Council of Karachi University today (Thursday) approved the continuation of its conventional degree programmes, according to a statement.

As per the statement, the Academic Council meeting was held at the Arts Auditorium and was chaired by the KU Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi. The decision to restore the traditional bachelor’s and master’s programmes was taken in light of the recommendations of the committee headed by Professor Jamil H Kazmi.

Meanwhile, the Academic Council also constituted a committee which would be chaired by the Dean Faculty of Education Professor Nasir Sulman regarding the phase-wise implementation of two-year associate degree and four-year BS programmes with the consultation of heads of various departments of the University of Karachi.

The committee comprises Professor Dr Anila Amber Malik, Professor Dr Intikhab Ulfat, Professor Dr Samina Saeed, Professor Dr Maqsood Ali Ansari, Professor Dr Taseer Ahmed Khan and Professor Dr Nadeem Mahmood.

It would share its recommendations with the members of the Academic Council to formalise the curriculum for the HEC proposed degree programmes.

Furthermore, all the members of the Academic Council strongly condemned the statement issued by the group of college teachers in which they blamed the KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi for “deliberately not announcing admissions in BA, BSc, BCom, and MA programmes in colleges.”

The Academic Council observed that decisions were taken in light of HEC policies and the University of Karachi was waiting for a clarification from the HEC on various agendas.

It should be recalled that a few days ago, the HEC had clarified that all news items circulating in the press and electronic media regarding the deferment of the four-year undergraduate and two-year associate degrees programmes by HEC were misleading and incorrect.

In a statement, the HEC said that both the programmes were intact and would continue as earlier. The enforcement of the policy prescribed in the HEC’s notification dated July 11, 2019, regarding “Transition from BA/BSc Programme to Associate Degree Programmes: Phasing Out of MA/MSc Programmes” shall continue in letter and spirit.