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Kidney hill reference: Saleem Mandviwalla to be indicted on March 16

ISLAMABAD: The accountability court has decided to charge all the accused including Saleem Mandviwalla, Senate Deputy Chairman in the kidney hill reference on 16th March.

Earlier today, the Kidney hill reference against Saleem Mandviwalla and others was heard by the Accountability Court Judge Muhammad Bashir. The Accountability Court decided to charge the accused.  Mandviwalla told the court that the allegation of the anonymous transaction was false, and there was a response to each transaction and a money trail, while referring to the Senate election, he said that the Election Commission had conducted the election in accordance with the constitution and law.

Earlier, the accountability court had given NAB two more weeks to file a supplementary reference against Deputy Chairman Senate Saleem Mandviwala. Accountability Court Judge Muhammad Bashir heard the NAB reference against Saleem in the fake accounts scandal. The judge asked the NAB if it was a complete reference.

The NAB prosecutor said that this is the main reference and if necessary, a supplementary reference will be filed, after which the court directed to file a supplementary reference till the next hearing, giving a two-week respite.

Previously, the accountability court had ordered NAB to file supplementary reference and provide its copies to the accused.

According to the NAB’s kidney hill plots allotment case, Saleem Mandviwalla had facilitated Ejaz Haroon in selling government lands to Omni Group’s chief executive officer (CEO) Abdul Ghani Majeed.

NAB stated that Ejaz Haroon had prepared backdated files of the plots and got hefty amount in exchange for the plots.

The anti-corruption watchdog alleged that Saleem Mandviwalla and Ejaz Haroon had received Rs140 million through fake bank accounts.