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Tuesday 6th June 2023 / 17 Zulkaedah 1444

Karachi woman breaks barriers, sells sandwiches to inspire others

KARACHI: A woman in the metropolis is breaking and challenging gender stereotypes by standing among the men to sell sandwiches.  

Mrs. Salman has set a sandwich stall to inspire other women and give them the courage to make a difference. She said she has received immense support and wants to expand her business.

Talking with M.M News, the woman highlighted that she wasn’t financially forced to set up a sandwich stall. “My husband is working at a good position and has fully supported me to set it up,” she added.

She pointed out that every woman has the talent to cook and they can utilize it by selling such items without any hesitation. “I didn’t start my business on a bigger level just because, I want to inspire other women that you can start such business at a smaller level,” she added.

Commenting on the sandwiches, she pointed out several sandwiches that can be available at her stall at reasonable prices from Rs 60 to Rs 160. “All my things are homemade including the sauces,” she added.  

She’s happy with the way customers and other shopkeepers treat her. “I haven’t faced any kind of disrespect neither from the customers nor the other shopkeepers. Every single shopkeeper near my stall has tried my sandwiches,” she remarked.

“After all, women do face a lot of difficulties in our society but I have taken the step and hope to see more women and girls stepping forward. Today, women are second to none and they should not consider themselves inferior to anyone,” she concluded.

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