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Sunday 14th August 2022 / 16 Muharram 1444

Karachi supermarket inferno: What is a third-degree fire?

Authorities say the fire entered the third tier as ghee, oil and other items were stored. (Photo: Express Tribune)

Authorities say the fire entered the third tier as ghee, oil and other items were stored. (Photo: Express Tribune)

The fire that broke out due to a short circuit in the department store (Chase Up) located on Karachi’s Jail road area could not be extinguished even on the second day, the city administration declared the fire as a third degree. An administrative order has also been issued by Commissioner Karachi.

This is not the first case of fire breakout in Karachi, on the contrary, fire incidents have been reported in various places including factories and shopping malls of the president in which money worth millions have been lost and we have lost countless precious lives.

Department store fire

A fire broke out in a department store on Jail road yesterday. As soon as the incident was reported, fire brigade and rescue officials rushed to the spot. Currently, 18 fire tenders are in operation to control the fire.

Today is the second day of the morning fire in a private department store. Despite the passage of 24 hours and the loss of millions, the fire could not be extinguished. Upstairs, a man died of suffocation from smoke.

Who is the young man who lost his life?

Wasiuddin Jan, a young citizen of Karachi, lost his life due to suffocation yesterday. His father Raziuddin says that Wasiuddin was doing Masters from Karachi University. According to the father’s statement, Wasiuddin had given an interview to get a job in a department store while on the day of the fire, he was called to join the job along with documents.

Difficulties in putting out fires

Due to the narrowness of the road, the fire brigade officials are facing difficulties in putting out the fire. Smoke is still billowing from the first floor of the building. The fire in the basement was largely extinguished but the fire in the corners of the building could not be extinguished.

No one is allowed inside the building except firefighters. Authorities said that the fire is difficult to control as oil, ghee and other items are stored in the store’s basement.

Sindh Building Control Authority team smashed basement and first-floor walls. Officials said that cooking oil has been stored in the basement for the past two days. The office of the department store is located on the mezzanine floor of the building.

What is a third-degree fire?

Experts say that there are different types of fires and it is normal for the temperature to rise in the place where the fire started. A third-degree fire is considered to be a full-fledged room or part of the fire.

This means that the affected area becomes very hot and the temperature can reach 1000 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few seconds. In such a case, it is impossible for other creatures, including humans, to survive.

A third-degree fire is considered to be the most difficult to suppress because the fire has reached its maximum temperature and the heat is the most damaging.

Third-degree fires are generally considered to be the production of high-temperature gases that can ignite electrical appliances or kitchen utensils.

Similarly, methane or natural gas produces third-degree fires which are not easily extinguished. The dry chemical powder is used instead of water to extinguish this fire.

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