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Joining of employee in Sindh local dept approved by suspended Municipal commissioner

KARACHI: Suspended municipal commissioner of District East Wasim Mustafa Soomro has approved the joining of an employee of the union committee of the Nowshera Feroze District as an assistant director in the horticulture department in Sindh Local Government by defying court’s orders.

Earlier, Justice Amir Hani Muslim of the Supreme Court of Pakistan had issued clear orders five years ago that transfer from one district to another would be considered illegal.

Sources said not only was he transferred in violation of the orders of the Supreme Court, but another illegal order was issued by the Sindh Local Government Board on October 20, making Grade 16 Muharram Ali Sand in charge of the salary in the department.

On October 3, 2020, the Local Government Board of Sindh in its order no-SLGB / SCUG / AO (Admin-II) / Gen / 2020/1326 clearly stated that Muharram Ali Sand, an employee of Nowshera Feroze’s Union Committee, has been transferred.

However, within seven days of joining, Muharram Shah was directed by the Director Admin of DMC East through a letter No.Dir / ADMIN / DMC / EAST / 5604/2020, to appear with his original documents and last pay slip for verification.

Despite orders, Muharram Ali Sand has not been able to present any documentary evidence so far, whether he was employed in Nowshera Feroze or his order is repeatedly issued on someone’s request.

Sources said suspended Municipal Commissioner Wasim Mustafa Soomro rejected the letter for confirmation and himself approved the joining of Muharram Shah Sand illegally.

“A Grade 11 employee of Clerk Scale is appointed to this post. However, the Local Government Board has appointed Muharram Ali Sand to the post of Salary in-charge,” sources added.

Sources said Muharram Ali Sandh manages to issue new orders from time to time without providing proof of his employment.

In this regard, Muharram Ali Sand while talking to MM News said, “To verification of documents evidence is not my job; it is the job of the secretary. They may have confirmed on the phone,” he added.