Javeria Saud believes raising banners and chanting slogans are not enough

Actress Javeria Saud has expressed an opinion on Aurat March that raising banners and shouting slogans is good for nothing.

During an interview, the actress, whose upcoming web series ‘Aurat Gardi’ will be soon released, talked about Aurat March. “I am of the opinion that speaking and raising banners and shouting slogans is good for nothing. If you want to do something for oppressed females, go to them and fight for them and stop the injustice happening,” the actress asserted.

She continued that doing something practical is something because all the women in Aurat March are well-to-do and educated. “They shout slogans for the oppressed and that’s great, but I have never seen any results. I’ve never seen them help any oppressed woman,” she added.

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She added, “There are a lot of women who fight for their own benefit and end up destroying their homes and their futures. However, she said, “If you are married and have a family, you have to prioritise that instead of your own future.”

Saud also revealed what she thinks about the #MeToo movement, she stated, “If a woman has suffered any injustice in the past or recently, and anyone who does such despicable things to them, she should call that person out with their name, so that the man can suffer as much as the woman has.”

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