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Indian artist copies famous Pakistani singer Alamgir’s ‘Gagar’ song

Gagar’s remake was loved by the audience and has over 6.7 million views on YouTube (ONLINE)

Plagiarism in India is not new as Bollywood is known for copying Pakistani songs, without even giving them due credit.

Recently an Indian singer Dhuvani Bhanushali, who recently released her latest song ‘Mehendi’ has been accused of plagiarising the song sung by Pakistani legendary singer Alamgir.

The song already has more than 20 million views just within two days of its release. Interestingly, the music of the Indian song is quite similar to the Pakistani iconic song ‘Gagar’.

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However, Pakistani singer Umair Jaswal, who recently sung Alamgir’s song in the Velo Sound station’s season 1, pointed out the clear copying of the tune and shared the news on his Instagram account.

Indian Singer Dhuvani Bhanushali Plagiarized Iconic Song Gagar

He questioned the Indian singer for copying the tune and tagged his fellow music artists who worked with him on Gagar’s remake. Originally made by veteran singers, the song Gagar is a famous song from the ’90s. Let’s have look at both songs: 

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