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India deploys missile system in Ladakh after standoff with China

India deploys missile system in Ladakh after standoff with China
NEW DELHI: Amid ongoing tensions between India and China, the Indian armed forces have deployed advanced quick-reaction surface-to-air missile defence systems, called Akash, on its borders with China in the northern Himalayan region of Ladakh.
The deployment comes as the Indians claim that the Chinese side was increasing fighter aircraft and helicopter activities along the Line of Actual Control (LAC), de facto border of India and China.
According to a local news agency, the government sources said, “As part of the ongoing build-up in the sector, the air defence systems of both Indian Army and the Indian Air Force have been deployed in the sector to prevent any misadventure by the Chinese Air Force fighter jets or the People’s Liberation Army choppers there.”
Sources further informed that India is shortly getting a highly capable air defence system from a friendly country can be deployed and the entire area can be taken care to prevent any enemy flying there.
The deployment, perhaps one of the biggest in the recent years, comes at a time when India and China are locked in a hitherto unprecedented standoff for eight weeks now.
Earlier on Monday, the Indian Army also allowed the holding corps to use firearms at the Line of Actual Control, in “extraordinary circumstances”.
The former Indian director-general of the military operations said, “There is no change in the rules as such. Our side will only react to provocations and in case of extraordinary circumstances.”
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