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Imran Khan’s comments about Nawaz were very low: Shehbaz

LONDON: Leader of the Opposition Shehbaz Sharif called Prime Minister Imran Khan’s comments about Nawaz Sharif “very low”.
Shehbaz is currently in London with his sick brother Nawaz Sharif. The premier addressed a crowd in Mianwali recently and said he didn’t understand how someone as sick as Nawaz was able to climb onto a plane in Lahore on his own two feet.
PM Khan said when he saw him climbing onto the plane to leave Lahore for London, he took out his doctors’ reports and placed them before him.

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“The reports said the patient’s condition was so bad that he could die at any time,” said the premier. There were at least 15 diseases in those reports, he said, counting off heart problems, kidney problems, diabetes and platelets, “something new we learnt about”.
They said if he doesn’t get treatment abroad he could die at any time, he further said.
“I just want to ask, did he see the plane and suddenly become healthy [enough to walk onto the plane] or was it the London air?” asked PM Khan. We need to investigate this, he said. “All I can say is, God is great,” he said. But maybe he became well again after seeing that amazing plane, he added.

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Shehbaz called these remarks very low and said they were unbecoming of the prime minister.
He also said it would be inappropriate to talk about politics at this and refused to comment any further.
Prior to this, he gave the press an update about Nawaz Sharif’s health and said he was currently being treated at Guy’s Hospital in London.
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