Illegal cables being removed from electricity network across city: KE

KARACHI: K-Electric has launched a large-scale operation to remove unauthorized and hazardous cable TV and internet wires illegally encroaching on electricity poles in the metropolis.
According to KE sources, KE teams confiscated more than 40,000 kilograms of these cables from its electric polls in various parts of the Karachi.
These cables and related infrastructure such as cable boxes and signal boosters damage KE’s infrastructure, jeopardize the integrity of the electricity system, affect service provision and bypass electrical safety mechanisms thus creating public safety hazards.
As per several investigations, these unwarranted TV and Internet cables, and switches for streetlights installed on electric poles have been found to be the underlying cause of numerous incidents.
K-Electric has already initiated legal proceedings against the unwarranted use of electricity infrastructure via a Constitutional request filed in the Sindh High Court of on October last year, which includes city administration, respondents, cable TV and Internet companies, municipal bodies and related regulators.
KE hopes that the directives of the honorable Court will galvanize all concerned stakeholders into action, in the absolute interest of the people of the metropolis. Numerous warning notices sent to these providers to remove their paraphernalia in the past have gone unnoticed.
KE has also moved toward the metropolis administration, Commissioner Karachi and other stakeholders and regulatory bodies on numerous occasions requesting that they play their due role in this regard.
Despite instructions by Karachi city administration to the cable operators to shift their belongings underground without any delay, there has been very little development in this regard.
K-Electric is thus left with no choice but to remove these hazardous cables, in the interest of public safety in the metropolis.
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