Facebook imposes temporary ban on medical mask ads

MOSCOW: Facebook has imposed a temporary ban on advertising medical face masks to put off speculative activities over the growing need for a shield against the global coronavirus disease.
According to the company in a statement, Facebook is momentarily stopping advertisements relating sell of medical face masks.
It said the company already rule out people from making health or medical claims related to the coronavirus in product listings on commerce surfaces, including those listings that undertaking a product will avoid someone from astringent it, the statement added.
Earlier, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook has decided to offer free advertisements to the World Health Organization (WHO) for sharing the latest and true updates about coronavirus outbreak.
According to the founder of organization Zuckerberg in the Facebook post, Facebook has decided to provide the WHO as many free ads as they need for their coronavirus response along with other in-kind support.
It further said users who search for posts on the coronavirus on Facebook would now see arise that in order them to the WHO or local health officials for the latest updates, Zuckerberg added.
Zuckerberg also promised again that the corporation would eliminate false claims and conspiracy theories flagged by leading WHO to assist battle misinformation about the coronavirus diseases.
He further said Facebook will be operational with global health officials and provide shore up and millions more in ad credits to other organizations.
Due to the coronavirus outbreak over 3,400 people died and more than 102,000 infected across the globe in 85 countries.
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