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Houthi rebels missile attack on airport injures 10 people in Saudi Arabia

The Wishi rebel missile attack shattered airport windows and glass. (Photo: France24)

RIYADH: Houthi rebels fired missiles at an airport in the Saudi city of Jazan, injuring 10 people.

According to details, Houthi rebels fired missiles at King Abdullah Airport in Jazan yesterday, injuring 10 people, including six Saudi passengers, three Bangladeshis, and a Sudanese employee. The blast shattered airport windows and glass.

According to the Arab League, Houthi rebels are targeting Saudi citizens and property, which is a war crime under international law. The Saudi government is taking appropriate measures to protect its people, while attacks by Houthi rebels are not new to Saudi Arabia. 

Arab media say that on October 7, Houthi rebels fired two ballistic missiles at the Saudi city of Khamis Mushait, which was thwarted by the Arab League. Four people were also injured while trying to thwart a drone strike at Abha International Airport.


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In June this year, in addition to Saudi Arabia, Houthi rebel attacks in Yemen caused casualties and financial losses. A missile strike in the Yemeni city of Marb has killed at least 17 people and injured dozens more.

According to a foreign news agency, Houthi rebels fired a missile at a gas station in the Yemeni city of Marb in June. Shortly afterward, the insurgents also attacked with two explosive drones, targeting an ambulance that was on its way to pick up the wounded.