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Here are the restaurants that can cook with your qurbani meat

There was a time when eating outside in a restaurant was a joyous occasion for the food lovers, however, it seems almost impossible for a while as mostly people are busy living hectic lives.

Have you heard the idea of food cooking out for a good dinner prepared and served by someone else? There are three restaurants in Karachi that cook food for you just the way you like it at their food joint and it is as tasty as it is when you dine there.

Allah Wala PakwanSituated in Mehmoodabad, the restaurant charges Rs 600 per kg including delivery charges and takes a minimum order of at least 5 kg. The joint serves BBQ, karahi and biryani on customers demand which are finger licking good.

Dua RestaurantWalking into Dua Restaurant, you witness every pleasure related to food. From smoking tandoor ovens to grilling kebabs, open-flame, and charcoal bar-b-q fires raging, you will see everything.

The restaurant is famous for cooking delicious Karahi which is a maximally flavorful dish of frying meat, and it’s a food you cannot say no to. The restaurant offers services to customers by cooking food for them from the meat they bring from home. They charge Rs 1200 for the dish but the outcome is totally worth it.

Neo Geo RestaurantLocated at Shah Faisal Town, the food outlet serves beef boti, chandan kebab, beef kebab, gola kebab, and dhaga and reshmi kebabs which is served at Rs 400  and Rs 500 per plate.