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Heavy rain turns streets into ponds in Karachi

KMC staff is busy draining the water that has accumulated on the roads, which has eased the problems of the citizens. (Photo: Dawn)

KARACHI: Heavy rains in the streets of Sindh capital have turned roads into ponds while KMC and cantonment board staff are busy pumping out the stored water.

According to details, it rained in different parts of Karachi last night which made the weather pleasant. Due to last night’s drizzle and heavy rain, water has stagnated in various places on the roads and streets, making it difficult for the citizens to travel.

Roads and streets were flooded while KMC and cantonment board staff were busy pumping water from rain-affected areas. Overnight power outages were restored in many areas.

It may be recalled that earlier intermittent light rain and drizzle fell in different parts of Karachi which made the weather pleasant but unannounced load shedding in some areas disturbed the citizens.

After intense heat on the occasion of Defense Day, it started raining in Karachi and surrounding areas. There were several minor accidents due to light rain, but no casualties were reported.

Demonstrating traditional stubbornness, K Electric cut off power in different parts of Karachi. The Meteorological Department said on September 7 that low air pressure and sea humidity between Karachi and Thatta had turned into clouds.