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Has Shiffa Yousafzai won the moral battle against Asad Toor’s allegations?

Shiffa Yousafzai has filed a complaint against Asad Toor: Source: FILE

Islamabad High Court (IHC) has dismissed a petition and directed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to conduct inquiry against journalist Asad Ali Toor for making personal attacks against female anchor Shiffa Yousafzai.

Asad Toor, who was alleged done last month, had done series of Youtube videos against prominent anchorperson and morning show host Shiffa Yousafzai, who had filed a complaint for vicious personal attacks and harassment.

Yousafzai, while talking to reporters outside Islamabad High Court, explained that many had warned her that there was no law in Pakistan and women in a male-dominated world must bear such allegations. But she decided to come to court, to take a stand not only for herself but for all women of Pakistan.

She said she is fighting a case for the women of Pakistan who work outside their homes and face continuous abuse. “Nobody has the right to question the character of a woman,” she said, adding that men like Asad Toor bring a bad name to the whole country. “We have to fight them. Their conduct is not acceptable” she added.

In March this year, Yousafzai had filed an application against Asaf Toor for harassment and intimidation of a woman with the Cybercrime Wing of FIA. The detailed and thorough application has also provided the offensive words and derogatory language which Toor used against her.

Toor received a notice from the FIA but instead of appearing before the agency to explain his position, contest charges or apologise and delete the offensive videos, he filed a plea in Islamabad High Court on the pretext that “the state of Pakistan is after him.”

On March 25, Asad tweeted a video link from his Youtube channel named ‘Asad Toor Uncensored’ where he attacked the character the news anchor while many journalists are also upset on his objectionable conduct.

According to media analysts, Toor may have been upset by Shiffa’s tweets on politics but instead of attacking her statement, he chose to dag her personality and character on baseless grounds.

Toor also attacked the journalist with sexist language and questioned the owner of the media house for giving value to anchorpersons with “beautiful faces” with little knowledge about current affairs. He also accused that she is important because she is moving with ministers in their cars.

Asad Toor has made false accusations against other journalists before as and Rauf Klasra had sued him for false accusations and was awarded damages of one million rupees in 2020. Many other prominent journalists had also condemned his behaviour.

Several media organizations and journalists sidelined the incident and did not condemn Toor for attacking a female journalist. That probably happened since Toor has planted the idea that state apparatus t is after him. Most however think that he suffers from ideas of grandiosity.

Shifa Yousafzai has taken the right step by taking the matter to court so that no one will dare to slander the character of anyone and launch a smear campaign. This will be a test case women’s harassment and personal defamation. Whatever the decision of this case, Shifa Yousafzai is determined and has already won the moral battle while Asad Toor is living in his illusion of grandiosity.