Gwadar Port Authority Chairman survives attack by security personnel

GWADAR: The Gwadar Port Authority Chairman Shabbir Ahmed Baloch has escaped and survived an attack by security personnel.

The incident took place at the Gwadar Fish Harbour (GFH) gate on Wednesday where a security guard deployed at the GFH gate opened fired at the chairman while Shabbir Ahmed Baloch was entering the harbour.

According to the port authority official, Baloch was on his way to the Gwadar Fish Harbour in his official vehicle. While he was showing his identification card at the gate, a security guard opened fire at him that prompted his driver to speed away the car.

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“The Chairman of Gwadar Port Authority remained unhurt in the firing,” a senior official of the Port Authority said  He further said that Chairman Baloch has taken notice of the incident that created panic among the employees and other workers of the fish harbour.

The Chairman immediately contacted the Pakistan Navy officials and informed them about the incident. An inquiry has been initiated into the firing incident and further investigation is underway.