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Govt further increases electricity price by Rs3.28 per unit  

Karachi: Electricity prices in the country witnessed a notable increase of Rs3.28 per unit on Monday.

As per details, after government approval, the National Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has notified the increase in the head of quarterly fuel adjustment and it is set to remain in effect from October 2023 to March 2024.

As per the report, all the countrywide consumers including residential, commercial, industrial, and K-Electric will be subject to the increased rates.

This move is expected to have a substantial financial impact on consumers, with an estimated cost of 146 billion rupees collectively.

All consumers will be forced to shoulder an extra burden of 146 rupees as a result of the high price of power.

Customers using 100 units face a monthly surcharge of Rs328.14, while those using 200 units will pay a monthly surcharge of Rs656.28.

In addition, for the usage of 300 units, an additional bill of Rs684.42, and for the use of 400 units, an additional bill of Rs912 would be incurred.

Furthermore, Customers would be charged an additional fee of Rs. 1,140 for 500 units and Rs. 1,368 for 600 units.

Customers who use 700 units would incur an additional monthly cost of Rs1,596.

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