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Sunday 29th January 2023 / 7 Rejab 1444

Govt launches WhatsApp coronavirus information service

ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistan has launched a coronavirus information service on WhatsApp to prevent misinformation and deliver latest updates about the disease on the popular messaging service.

As per details, WhatsApp users across Pakistan can reach out to the health ministry on the mobile number+923001111166 for reliable news, latest statistics, awareness resources as well as finding the nearest lab for coronavirus testing.

According to health authorities, people should save the WhatsApp number in their mobile phones, and then begin a chat by sending “Hi” and which the officials will quickly response them to either type in a query or select from a list of commonly asked questions.

Users will receive latest and right information in the form of text, a video, or link. The WhatsApp service gives information in six regional languages, including Urdu Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Kashmiri and Balochi.

Through the helpline users can get more information about the specified topic about the disease, how to prevent the spread, the symptoms, restrictions on staying at home and travel and more. The helpline also gives daily statics of confirmed cases and deaths across the country Pakistan.



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