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FO denounces Houthi militia’s missile, attacks on Saudi Arabia

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ISLAMABAD: The Foreign Office (FO) has condemned the missile and drone attacks towards Riyadh and other cities of Saudi Arabia carried out by the Houthi militia.
The FO said in a statement, “Pakistan strongly condemns multiple missiles and drone attacks towards Riyadh, Najran and Jazan by the Houthi militia.”
Pakistan called for “immediate cessation of these attacks” and reiterated its support and solidarity with Saudi Arabia in the face of “any threats to its security and territorial integrity”.
Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi movement fired missiles that reached the Saudi capital on Tuesday, the first such attack since a ceasefire put in place during the coronavirus epidemic expired last month.
Two large explosions could be heard in Riyadh near dawn and smoke billowed into the sky. The Houthis said they had hit the Saudi defense ministry and a military base, while a Saudi-led military coalition said it had shot a missile down, making no reference to targets.
There was no sign of damage to the side of the defense ministry building that is visible from the main road or to any surrounding buildings. The area was quiet on Tuesday evening, with normal traffic flows and no additional security measures.
On June 22, Yemen’s Saudi-backed government and the southern separatist forces had agreed on a ceasefire and were to begin talks in Saudi Arabia on implementing a peace deal, the Saudi-led coalition said.
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