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Five reasons why Christian Betzmann’s stance on Pakistan is ‘accurate’

German travel vlogger Christian Betzmann has recently landed himself in hot waters for speaking the truth in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan as his eyebrow-raising comments on Pakistan sparked outrage across the country.

His comment on ‘How come I have never seen any of Pakistani on the streets protesting here in Pakistan for their own country’ not only costed him backlash, hatred in DMs but also his engagement with Zoya Nasir got called off.

We Pakistanis have a ‘minor’ problem, we hear and notice what we wished to hear and see. If we disagree with someone, we immediately drag religion and culture. Christian Betzmann slammed Pakistanis for not supporting their own country in any stances whether it’s about ‘garbage-filled streets’ or people living on the ‘bare minimum’.

However, I totally support his stance on the hypocrisy of Pakistanis, and here are five reasons why the German vlogger has valid points:

1) Well let’s just agree with Christian Betzmann, Pakistanis would speak about the Palestine issue but would remain silent over the Shia killing, Quetta bombing, and minority killing.

2) Vlogger beliefs supporting human rights is important but one should not be verbally abused just because they don’t want to share their opinion. As I said, we want to see what we wished to be seen. If someone stays silent over an issue he should not be judged.

3) It’s funny how Pakistan is a democratic country but one cannot have an opinion on anything. Our country is indeed filled with ‘garbage’ and we are the ones who litter on the streets. Remember, how sea animal-shaped dustbins were installed at Karachi’s Sea View which became a selfie booth for the visitors?

4) Our social media platform has become so powerful yet we tend to use it for memes made on social issues, child abuse, and rape cases. In short, we live in a country where false news spread more rapidly than factual information.

5) A country like Nigeria became polio-free but unfortunately, the Pakistani government and police are not changing for the better. Not at all!

However, we like to keep our eyes blindfolded towards the truth and criticize the blogger because maybe he is not a Pakistani or because maybe he speaks the bitter reality about the Pakistanis.