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Five moments we loved about latest episode of ‘Parizaad’

The story revolves around a dark-skinned college student, Parizaad (Daily Times)

The latest episode of Ahmed Ali Akbar starrer ‘Parizaad’ has been a talk of the town for all the right reasons and why it should not be? The drama is packed with excellent performance and a brilliant script.

As Parizaad becomes a rich businessman after being released from prison and reunited with his family; here are four things we loved about the latest episode of last night’s episode:

Reunion of Parizaad and his sister

Parizaad meets his sister Saeeda and it was one heart-touching moment. How she tells him that she named her daughter ‘Pariza’, after Parizaad’s name. 

Parizaad’s brother in law returns his money

Saeeda’s husband tries to return Parizaad the money he had given her in the past by selling his poetry but Parizaad takes his money and returns it to their baby who is his niece. 

When Parizaad meets Shokhi’s father

Parizaad meets Shokhi’s father who begs forgiveness from him for beating him that day and Parizaad forgives him.

The piano scene

Parizaad enters the piano shop to buy that old piano which he once wanted to buy but finds out that it has been sold out. The exchange of dialogues between Parizaad and that shopkeeper is so full of wisdom and deep. 

Casting couch culture

When Lubna, a friend of Parizaad who has become an actress now comes to meet Parizaad at his office and she tells him how she is in a dire need of work and the industry works in a very odd way where casting couch culture does exist but she has gotten tired of pleasing and entertaining for work.

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