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Tuesday 24th May 2022 / 22 Shawwal 1443

First look of Anne Hathaway in ‘WeCrashed’ surfaces online

Famous star Anne Hathaway is all set to return to the screen with the upcoming mini-series, titled ‘WeCrashed’.  

The 38 years old actor was spotted in a bloody mess in New York while filming a scene where she falls from above on top of a car. The viral shots that have been circulating of the bloodied scene show the actor is donning a platinum blonde wig.

‘WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork’, will follow “the greed-filled rise and inevitable fall of WeWork, one of the world’s most valuable startups, and the narcissists whose chaotic love made it all possible,” Apple TV+ said in a statement.

Group ‘WeWork’ was built on the model of shared office space, combining both flexibility and user-friendliness. A start-up with a dynamic and innovative image, WeWork quickly won over investors, reaching a theoretical valuation of $47 billion in January 2019.

The group was preparing its entry on the New York Stock Exchange with great fanfare, but within weeks it suffered a catastrophic downturn and had to cancel. On the front lines was Neumann, managing director and co-founder of the company, a marketing and sales genius but also a man also prone to excess and wild unpredictability.

To save WeWork from bankruptcy, its main shareholder, Japan’s Softbank, had to inject several billion dollars and shunted Adam Neumann aside. A premiere date for the series has yet to be announced.

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