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‘Find your talent before selecting career’: ‘TBH’ creator advises newcomers

Azfar Ali is also the creator of 'To Be Honest with Tabish Hashmi' (Reviewpk)

Famous actor turned director Azfar Ali has recently given advice to the newcomers and content creators in the industry.

It is to be noted that Azfar Ali is also the creator of ‘To Be Honest with Tabish Hashmi’.  While talking about the newcomers in the industry, Ali said that there’s a huge difference between talent and one’s interest. “Find out your talent first before selecting any career or field,” he maintained.

According to Azfar Ali, a thing will become famous when it will have talent. “Whatever creative work you are trying to do, it has to come from what your talent is, whatever your area of expertise is,” he asserted.

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Earlier, talking about TBH, Azfar said that the show was specially designed by him for Tabish Hashmi. “Because I knew his potentials as a spontaneous orator, I knew he is going to take his place,” he said.

Azfar Ali further said that Tabish adds cultural and sub-cultural instances in the conversation which people can relate to. Ali is famous for projects titled ‘Sab Set Hay’, ‘Dreamers’ and ‘Lipton Light on Hay’.

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