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FIFA restores PFF membership: How will Pakistan benefit?


The good news for Pakistan is that FIFA, the world governing body for football, has decided to lift the ban on ‘third party interference’ in the Pakistan Football Federation and restore international membership.

This begs the question: why did FIFA suspend the Pakistan Football Federation?

Why did FIFA suspend the PFF?

FIFA decided to suspend the membership of the Pakistan Football Federation due to the ongoing dispute between two football associations in Pakistan.

The dispute between the two Pakistani football federations erupted when the Lahore headquarters of the Pakistan Football Federation was taken over by a group called the Ashfaq Group, a PFF normalization committee headed by Haroon Malik. It was set up by FIFA, it was removed and the affairs of PFF were handed over to Syed Shafqat Hussain Shah.

Ashfaq Hussain, who presided over the PFF elections under the chairmanship of the Supreme Court in December 2018, had said that after several consultations and meetings with members of the Congress and the Executive Committee, we have decided to work from the PFF headquarters. 

Keep in mind that FIFA does not recognize these 2018 elections. Ashfaq Group officials claimed that the committee headed by Haroon Malik was not serious about holding elections.

Talks were held between the Pakistan Sports Board and the Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination with the Ashfaq Group and others, including committee officials. After several rounds of talks, the normalization committee returned to the PFF headquarters.

What happened to the football federation?

It should be noted that the situation of football in Pakistan is similar to other sports and its situation was further aggravated when FIFA suspended the Pakistan Football Federation.

The biggest impact of the PFF suspension was on the footballers because when a player reaches old age, he is no longer fit for the game. The same thing happened to the footballers who lost due to FIFA’s decision. After this decision, the Pakistan Football Federation could not function properly. 

FIFA’s statement

A statement issued by the FIFA Council said that the decision to lift the ban on the Pakistan Football Federation was taken after receiving a report stating that it was made to solve the problems of football in Pakistan. The Gay Normalization Committee has taken full control of the PFF’s offices and is now in a position to handle its finances as well.

It should be noted that the mandate of the FIFA normalization committee has also been extended for 12 months.

Pakistan Football Federation’s response

Haroon Malik, chairman of the Pakistan Football Federation, praised FIFA’s decision, calling it a “historic day” for Pakistani football. Will revive activities as well as ensure the national team’s participation in international competitions. 

Haroon Malik said that they are moving towards elections and the return of assets will also be among the top priorities of the PFF.

How will Pakistan benefit from FIFA’s decision?

FIFA’s decision will open the door to international matches for Pakistani teams, while also resuming football activities at the national level.

When the assets of the Pakistan Football Federation are restored, it will also take steps to improve the football team, as a result of which football stadiums will be built in the country as well as work will be done for the fitness of the players. With this, the players will make Pakistan famous in the world.

It is to be noted that the Pakistani football team has not been able to advance beyond the qualifying round to date. The benefit of this decision will be that the performance of the Pakistani football team will improve and it is possible that Pakistan will advance beyond the upcoming FIFA qualifying round. And open the door to international football matches.

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