Family accuse police of torture, demands justice

PUNJAB: A family in Alipur has accused six cops of torture after broke into a house on Saturday.

As per details, six cops from Shehzad Town police station arrested a young man working as a welder in the house on charges of theft.

Sonia, a resident of Dhok Majwah Alipur near Shakila Hospital, said that a burglary took place at the house of a neighbor named Ashfaq, two weeks ago in which unknown thieves broke an iron window and stole valuables.

She said, “The next day after the incident, the neighbor called my brother-in-law Sajid to weld the broken window”.

“My brother-in-law Sajid, who works as a welder, went to his house and repaired the window. About five o’clock, six policemen, five of them in uniform, broke into the house our house and torture family,” the woman added.

Sonia alleged that the lady police were not with the policemen. The officers searched the whole house in a very rude manner. Meanwhile, they insulted all the women in the house. “An officer grabbed my sister Saadia’s hand and forcibly snatched her mobile phone,” she said.

The woman said, “My brother-in-law accused of theft, handcuffed him and took him away. Police also snatched my mobile phone on the way”.

The victim demanded justice from higher authorities. They also appealed action against the police involved in the incident.