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Fake Indian Tweets: Hassan Ali’s wife does not think he is being targeted

source: online

Indian social media users have made Tweets of the fake account viral, which is in the name of Pakistani Cricketer Hasan Ali’s wife.

Soon after the defeat of Pakistan, when Hassan Ali had dropped the deciding catch in the T20 World Cup semifinal. A fake account created in the name of Pakistani Pacer’s wife Samiya Arzoo, had made some Tweets which read, “I Samiya Arzoo wife of cricketer Hasan Ali appeal to respected PM, and the Real PCB o ask Pakistani fan to stop attacking our whole family. I do understand the depression of cricket fan, but it is part of a game.”

The Tweets further mentioned, “Many shameless fans targeted our daughter too and threatening to harm her. If I dont get any assurance from higher authority of our safety, I will be moving to Haryana to my parents as caution. I appeal to DR S Jaishankar to look into this for my safety as an Indian.”

Furthermore, the tweets concluded with Arzoo being a proud Indian request the public to not target his husband because he is Shia (to ignite sectarian riot in Pakistan).

However, yet it is confirmed that the account posted on the behalf of Hassan Ali’s wife is fake because there are no other tweets done from it before T20 World Cup. And suddenly ahead of Pakistan’s defeat in T20 on Thursday, it started posting to make sure that Pakistani cricket lovers are targeting their players as Indians did with Virat Kohli.

Meanwhile, the Indian public and media had made the tweets viral to show their condolences to impersonate. Have a look!