Ex-congresswoman Katie opens up about leaked pictures

Ex-congresswoman Katie opens up about leaked pictures
WASHINGTON: Former US Congresswoman Katie Hill has opened up about the scandal that led to her downfall.
Former congresswoman Katie Hill opened up about having contemplated suicide after her October resignation, she wrote an article on Sunday.

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She said politicians and political analysts were talking about her downfall in a way that sounded like she was dead. “I’m not,though sometimes I’ve wished to be,” she wrote.
“I felt like I was out of my body, like it was moving without me,” Hill stated. 
She said after running the knife along the veins in her wrist, she thought of her family and supporters, the people she had let down already and would be hurting again.
 “I realized I couldn’t do it,” she wrote. “I don’t get to quit. I have to keep going forward,” the former lawmaker said.

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Katie Hill had tendered resignation from her congressional seat in October after allegations of an affair with an aide and nude photos of her were published by “Red State”, a website.
Hill, in her article, has accused her estranged husband of being behind her downfall.
She said she had tried to leave him before she was elected in 2018 but “he made it clear to me that if I left, he would ruin me”.
About her private pictures leaked online, Hill said, “I believe my husband is the source of the images.”
She further wrote, “I don’t know exactly what’s ahead for me, and I know there’s a lot more pain ahead.”

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She concluded in the op-ed. “But I’m in the fight, and I’m glad it’s not all over after all.”
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