Escalating tensions at LoC

Relations between Pakistan and India are at its lowest ebb and this is not reflected anywhere more than on the Line of Control, arguably the most dangerous place to live where residents on both sides live in constant fear and panic.
Last week has been rather deadly as six Pakistani civilians and a soldier were martyred during cross-border firing by Indian forces. Pakistan army gave a befitting response killing nine Indian soldiers. The latest clashes were triggered over Indian claims that it has targeted and destroyed launch pads in Pakistan allegedly used to infiltrate occupied Kashmir.
The bogus claims were reiterated by Indian army chief Bipin Rawat insisting that four ‘terror camps’ were targeted in Kashmir. Earlier, Rawat made the bizarre statement that Indian forces are even ready to cross the LoC if need be. These statements are incomprehensible as there is no evidence of any destroyed launch pads and the victims of Indian aggression were innocent civilians.
There has been a recent increase in anti-Pakistan tirade, particularly in Indian domestic politics, to drum up support and sell BJP’s electorate. Pakistan is blamed for every known evil plaguing their country from smuggling to terrorism, while a compliant media plays tune to the Indian leadership.
To expose the Indian lies, Pakistan Army organised an excursion of foreign diplomats stationed in the country to the LoC. The delegation was shown the destruction caused by the ceasefire violations. Interestingly, the Indian envoy was also invited to prove his army’s chief claims before the foreign diplomats but did not join in.
The military’s spokesman has challenged the Indian side to reciprocate and bring diplomats and media to the border area. He stating Indian diplomats don’t have the moral courage to side with their own army chief by refusing to turn up and show the evidence; terming it a vindication of Pakistan’s narrative.
Pakistan’s government has stated the visit exposed the lies and deceits of Indian state policy, and these allegations are an attempt to divert attention from Kashmir still under a lockdown for nearly eighty days. India’s actions across the LoC are irresponsible and it should end all hostilities and ceasefire violations.
There has been a pacifist stance adopted by Pakistan fully realising that any further escalation will have deadly ramifications. This is probably part of the hybrid war that the Pakistan army has been warning about, or rather Rawat’s opinion that deterrence, as a peace-keeping tool, may be passé in the new global order.
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