Engineering student killed in Charsadda for studying with female cousin

CHARSADDA: A 17-year-old engineering student in Charsadda was killed allegedly for ‘studying with his female cousin,’ sources disclosed on Saturday.

According to sources, the student Owais, a resident of the Mandani village of the district, was killed for spending time with his female cousin and studying with her. Sources revealed that the boy was killed by his brother in law who didn’t like Owais’ relation with his niece.

Sources further said the youth was a student at Islamia College, Peshawar, and was killed when he was visiting his native village after his college was closed due to the COVID-19.

Sources said the boy had always aspired to be an engineer and managed to secure a seat at the engineering department of the college after attaining 1,040 out of 1,100 marks in his matriculation examination.

He was a position-holder student who wanted to excel in the discipline, sources added. The admission to the college wasn’t easy for Owais despite securing high grades, as his father worked as a mason and borrowed Rs77, 000 to get him admitted to the college.

The father of the deceased boy said he wanted his son to receive higher education as he couldn’t do so when he was in his early stages. He added that he doesn’t know what crime his son had committed to receiving such a punishment.

He appealed to the prime minister and interior minister and other relevant authorities to provide justice for him and take action against the culprit under the anti-terrorism act.