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Dum Mastam’s ‘Heer Meri’ gives déjà vu of Indian song ‘Teri Ore’


Is it just a coincidence or upcoming movie Dum Mastam’s recently released ‘Heer Meri’ song is literally giving the vibes of the famous Bollywood song ‘Teri Ore’.

Dum Mastam, an upcoming romantic comedy that is set to be an Eid ul Fitr release has Imran Ashraf and Amar Khan in lead roles. The movie has been directed by Ehteshamuddin.

Interestingly, the moviemakers are dropping the film’s title tracks and recently the movie’s main title song named ‘Tu Heer Meri’  has been launched which was applauded by many celebrities. However, the song has a vibe of Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Teri Ore’.


The song ‘Tu Heer Meri’ which is beautifully sung by Nabeel Shaukat and Beena Khan, fails to impress the audience as for them, the era has changed and Pakistani moviemakers should stop imitating Indian content and put some original Pakistani creative work in front of the world.

Well, that is true, we Pakistanis are obsessed with Bollywood and but that does not mean that our movie makers should still be copying every move from the Indian film industry. Locals will watch the movie in cinemas for Pakistani content, not for the 2.0 version of Teri Ore.

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If Pakistanis would want to watch an Indian styled movie or a song then why should they pay for Pakistanis movies? They can easily watch it online.

It won’t be wrong if I say ‘Tu Heer Meri’ music video has a very Bollywood feel even the choreography actress’ fashion statement in the video gives an uncanny resemblance of Bollywood songs especially 2009’s song ‘Teri Ore’.

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