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Diehard Marvel movie fan sets new Guinness world record

A true Marvel fan from Florida has set a new world record by watching the Avengers Endgame movie 191 times in 94 days.

Agustin Alanis, a Marvel superfan watched “Avengers: Endgame” 191 times. A 33-year-old man broke the record of the Guinness World Record earlier this month, which was previously held by YouTuber NemRaps, who watched “Avengers: Infinity War” 103 times in theaters.

While announcing his new record with a picture on Twitter, he displayed his Guinness World Record certificate and wrote, “I’m Officially Amazing.” 

According to Alanis, the movies teach people deep messages about life, culture, and society especially superhero films. “Such movies teach audiences about ‘helping people and those in need, which I’m very passionate about,” he expressed.

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For Alanis, the most difficult part about this attempt was giving up his social life with his family, the gym which resulted in losing 16 pounds of muscle as managing the work hours and screening times at the theaters was not easy for him, explained Alanis.

It was all worth it when he received the official email confirmation, with Alanis saying tears flooded his eyes. “The support I got from family, friends, managers, and staff from the theaters I visited is the reason I was able to achieve it,” Alanis asserted.