Deceased doctor falsely declared COVID-19 patient, family claims

LAHORE: The administration of Doctors Hospital and Medical Centre Lahore has allegedly declared a deceased female doctor a COVID-19 patient incorrectly.
According to the family of the deceased, doctor Sana Fatima, previously living in Saudia Arabia was a patient suffering from lung cancer for a long time. However, when she came back to Pakistan, her condition started to deteriorate.
She was immediately admitted to Doctors Hospital and Medical Center in Lahore in a critical condition where she spent nine days on a ventilator.
The family claimed that Fatima died on 20th May, however, the administration of the hospital declared her as a COVID-19 patient instead of a patient of lung cancer, the family maintained.
The family members also refused any connection of their deceased member working in a private hospital in Lahore as officials from Lahore health department have linked Sana Fatima as a doctor who worked at a private hospital in Lahore, and stated her cause of death the coronavirus.
The Punjab health department also claimed that Sana Fatima contracted the illness during treating COVID-19 patients at Fatima Memorial Hospital which her family members turned down as baseless claims.
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