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Daharki train incident: Inquiry report holds 20 railway officials responsible

KARACHI: The investigation committee has concluded its probe report on the Daharki train accident and handed it over to the Chairman Pakistan Railways.

At least 70 passengers were killed and 100 were injured when two passenger trains collided near Daharki on June 7. The investigation report has blamed the poor maintenance of a broken rail joint of the train track as the mains cause of the deadly incident.

The investigation committee has concluded its probe report after two months which was compiled by a Federal Government Inspector Railway headed committee. It added the bogies of Millat Express had derailed due to the broken joint of the railway track.

The injury has held DS Railway Sukkur and 19 others from the railway staff responsible for the train accident. It was also learnt that the accident had been caused due to the negligence of civil and mechanical engineers.

The railway chairman will hand over the probe report to the Federal Minister for Railways after reviewing it. During the initial investigation, six staffers including railway officers had been suspended after the train accident.

It is pertinent to mention here that at least 70 people had been killed and more than 100 injured due to a collision between Sir Syed Express and Millat Express near Rohri station. Sir Syed Express had collided with the Millat Express between Raiti and Obaro Railway stations and fourteen bogies derailed.

An initial report had earlier identified poor and improper welding of the rail joint as the main reason behind the derailment of some coaches of the Sargodha-bound Millat Express.

The DS Sukkur, while talking to media soon after the incident, had revealed that the point where the tragedy had occurred was one of the welded joints. He revealed there was just one welding machine of poor quality and recommended that the entire track needed rehabilitation on an urgent basis.

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