Punjab imposes ban on celebrating Basant festival

Basant festival
LAHORE: Chief Secretary Punjab on Sunday issued ordered to the imposition of ban on celebrating Basant festival across the province.   
According to sources, a government meeting discussed the law & order situation and the issue of celebrating Basant in February. In the meeting, the chief secretary issued directives district authorities in the province to take serious action against kite flying.
The Chief Secretary in the meeting said that no one will be allowed to play the bloody sport. He said that the provincial government could not permit a “throat-cutting kite flying festival”.
Last year a lawyer had moved the Lahore High Court (LHC) against the government’s decision to lift the 12-year-old ban imposed on celebrating Basant festival in the province. The petitioner said that it was unconstitutional to allow a leisure activity that results in the loss of human lives.
The ban on Basant was imposed by the Supreme Court in 2007 after the deaths of several people due to kite’s glass-coated strings.
On 6th March 2005, the Supreme Court imposed a ban on the manufacture, trade or flying of kites. The court said it was a deterrent step to stop the loss of lives.  
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