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Sunday 28th May 2023 / 8 Zulkaedah 1444

Crush on brother: Aima Baig gets furious over twisting her statement

Pakistan’s famous singer Aima Baig has rebutted the news of having a crush on her brother as false. 

Yesterday digital media house ‘FHM Pakistan’ edited the old video of singer Aima Baig and posted it on Facebook and Instagram.

The caption of the video read that an old interview video of Aima Baig is circulating on social media, in which she said that she had a crush on her brother, who is 7 years older than her.

This post quickly went viral on social media, which later drew a reaction from the singer herself, who expressed her anger on the post and wrote that normally she doesn’t explain her statement, but on this post: “I got focus when my team sent me the screenshot.”

She wrote that this kind of yellow journalism is being done which is very disgusting, I don’t know what kind of shameful agenda they are spreading but at least keep me away from it, will you do anything for views. the people? shame on you!

Aima Baig wrote that the digital media is denying this and saying that I had a crush on my brother, this is ridiculous, I love this digital patch. I used to do it and thought that sensible people work here but my statement was twisted which surprised me.

Baig also shared the video of her original statement with the fans and wrote, “Here is the original video of my interview, click here and see the real truth. However, it is very uncomfortable to talk about it, but they should know that A false ideology can destroy an entire nation. Aima also demanded an apology from the digital media house.

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