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Cracker blast breaks railway track in Sukkur

Sukkur police say there were no casualties in the blast. (Photo: India.com)

SUKKUR: A cracker blast on a railway line near Kot Lalu of the city of Sindh province has broken the railway track.

According to details, an explosion took place on the railway track near Kot Lalu. Railway sources said that the track was broken due to the blast. The passenger train had crossed the track shortly before the blast.

Passengers on a passing train escaped unhurt before the blast. The up track has been blocked for trains due to the damage caused by the blast.

The passenger vehicles were prevented from continuing on the track. Railway rescue teams have reached the spot. According to railway sources, maintenance work of the track has been started.

SP Railway Sukkur Amjad Manzoor said that a cracker exploded on the up track but no casualties were reported. The blast on the railway track is being investigated.

It may be recalled that earlier, an explosion took place at the K Electric substation at Walika Chowrangi in Karachi, causing the surrounding walls to collapse and the office to catch fire.

During the day last month, the sound of an explosion at the K-electric substation at Valika Chowrangi was heard far and wide. A fire brigade vehicle, police, and rescue officials arrived at the scene.