COVID-19: Pakistani company claims to make anti-viral spray

RAWALPINDI: Pakistani Red-up Company has claimed to discover an antiviral spray to prevent COVID-19.
According to details, the company claims that using the product ‘Ionolytevir spray’ can protect people from COVID-19 for 10 hours.
It further said coronavirus will not affect those sprayed ‘Ionolytevir’, while the spray has no side effects from external use and does not contain any harmful health ingredients, according to the company.
The company further said “Health experts have also released its test report. This product is being used under other names in New Zealand and has excellent results”.
“Any type of flu can be relieved with just one spray in ten minutes. While ‘Ionolytevir’ could also useful for wounds,” the company added.
According to sources, this product is anti-bacterial, while Dr. Sharif of Islamabad Polyclinic Hospital has also reportedly recommended this spray to prevent COVID-19.
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