Coronavirus: Smart lockdown implemented in various sectors of Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: A smart lockdown has been implemented in various sectors of Islamabad due to coronavirus.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad had issued a notification to implement smart lockdown in more sectors. Smart lockdown in five more sub-sectors of Islamabad is effective from 10 am today.

According to the notification, the sub-sectors in which smart lockdown has been implemented include Sector I-8/3 and I-8 Four of Islamabad. Smart Lockdown has also been implemented in Sector G-9 One and Sector G-10 Four.

Citizens were instructed to make advance arrangements while those who buy medical emergencies, patient transfers, and essential food items, medicines are exempted.

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Teams from the District Health Office are sampling people in various sectors for quarantine. Moreover, the National Command and Operations Center warns that the proportion of coronavirus positive cases in Pakistan’s major cities are growing rapidly.

Nationwide, the incidence of coronavirus cases rose to 4.5 percent. The rate of coronavirus positive cases is very high in 15 major cities. Hyderabad has the highest rate of positive cases in the country with 16.59 percent. The coronavirus positive case rate in Gilgit is 15.38 percent and in Multan, it is 15.97 percent.

Coronavirus positive cases rate in Muzaffarabad is 14.12 percent, Mirpur 11.11 percent, Peshawar 9.69 percent, Quetta 8.03 percent, and Islamabad positive cases rate is 7.48 percent.