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Coronavirus patient falls sick at Rawalpindi metro station

RAWALPINDI: The number of coronavirus cases have been steadily rising in the twin cities as with the rest of the province.
A suspected case of coronavirus was found at Rawalpindi Metro bus station. The health of the patient deteriorated after which sat down on the station’s steps gasping for breath.
The metro station staff found that he has several of the symptoms of coronavirus, and immediately called rescue services on the 1166 hotline.
Among receiving information, a team of the Ministry of Health promptly arrived at the IGP metro bus station. The rescue conducted a screening test and transferred the suspect patient to the isolation ward of PIMS hospital.
The rescue team has ordered all personal items and things the patient may have come into contact with to be screened. They have also order the bus in which was travelling to be screened.
The presence of the suspected coronavirus patient has created among other commuters of the metro bus. The person was reportedly going from Islamabad to Rawalpindi.
Passengers said that suspect patients has risked his life and those of others, causing them immense distance. They said such people should stay at home or be quarantined to prevent the spread of the virus.
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