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Coronavirus death toll rises to 304 in China

BEIJING: The death count from China’s coronavirus outbreak increased to 304 on Sunday, with a growing number of countries enforcing unprecedented Chinese travel bans to prevent the spread of the virus.
The outbreak has now spread to more than two dozen nations with Germany, Russia, and Sweden among the countries reporting their first outbreaks, sending authorities scurrying to limit their exposure.

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The U.S. and Australia are among a growing list of countries that placed brief but extensive travel bans on Chinese citizens or those who have traveled to China over the past two weeks.
Australia said it denied entry for non-citizens coming from China, while for two weeks Australian citizens went there will have to go into “self-isolation.” The U.S, Japan, Britain, Germany and other nations have already warned their citizens not to go to China.
Vietnam effectively suspended all flights from mainland China on Saturday, while Russia announced that Chinese nationals would stop visa-free tourism and stop issuing work visas to them. While Chinese officials have reported 304 deaths infected from Cornavirus so far.
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